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To Make Your Life Easier – Is Our Top Priority

We KNOW what it takes to get your son or daughter noticed.

What our company will do for you, we help you as a parent or a youth athlete get the needed exposure to get the attention of the scouts and schools in order to take you to the next level. We provide parents and youth athletes with information and guidance as they navigate through this very competitive market.

  • Mobile and Responsive Web Design
  • Personal Player Data Profile
  • Photo Gallery and Video Showcase
  • Strategic Exposure and Marketing
  • Social Media Guidance
  • Be The Next MVP has really help me build a website that allows me to really profile my statistics and skills which has brought me attention from organizations world wide. You can check out my website - www.jackmalleret.com

    Jack Black
    Jack Malleret, Soccer Player

We are on your team

We are there to help you all the way along

Talent Identifiers

Always on the look out

Our team of people are always looking for talented youth athletes.

With the connections and the expertise of our talent scouts we can have a real impact on how you as an athlete get seen, recognized and noticed.

Our founder is part of Sports Management World Wide which gives us great exposure to many useful tools that will benefit you child.

Graphic Design

Web Development

We pride ourselves on having a youthful minded web and graphic design team. We want to make sure your son or daughter is presented with a dynamic responsive website to showcase all their talents and skills.

We can also assist you with creative marketing pieces, like a player profile business card, information booklets and statistic sheets.

Here is an example of our work - www.jackmalleret.com

Marketing & Media

It Is All About Exposure

Marketing, Brand and Media are all very important parts of making you STAND OUT.

Coupled with these things you also need to have EXPOSURE, this is what puts you in front of the audience needed to get you noticed and invited to try out opportunities.

Our team will create you powerful, professional information sheets and packages to hand out to colleges, universities, coaches and teams.

We also have innovative and creative ideas on creating a buzz on social media platforms.


Advanced Training

Advanced training is always something athletes need to maintain, it is this that will allow you to reach the next level of competition in their sport.

Throught a large network of sports trainers and facilities we are always happy to help provide introductions to some of the top sport specific trainers in your area.

We like to keep you informed, when we are notified of walk ons or try outs in your area we will let you know. This is how you stay in the eyes of the coaches, teams and scouts.

Helping you is our top priorities

Players Watched

Games Watched

Hours of hard work

Player Potential


We are more than happy to offer you

  • We will design you a professional responsive website for your son or daughter to showcase their talent, skills and statistics.

  • We will help you create a targeted, branded look to all your player information.
    For example your player profile business cards, booklets and player statistic sheets.

  • Through our network of sports specific trainers we will help your son or daughter
    get the additional advanced training to help highten and elevate their skills.

  • We will design a very professional slick looking presentation to hand out to scouts,
    colleges, universities and teams you are interested in trying out for.

  • It is important to have a very professional video presentation. We will work with your
    son or daughter to create a video with impact and a call to action to get teams and coaches reviewing your skills and talent.

  • We have a lot of contacts in the sports industry and will work with parents to get the
    professional advice and guidance needed to navigate their son or daughter through this competitive industry. Our Founder is part of the Sport Management World Wide Advisory Team.

  • We will be there to support all our athletes along the way. We are always only an email or phone call away.

Pricing Table

Starter Package


Initial Set Up
  • Responsive-Mobile
    Web Site
  • Player Statisics
  • Video Gallery
  • 1 Free Email Accounts
  • 1 Domain Name
  • $10 Month Maintenance
    * 4 updates/month
Basic Package


Initial Set Up
  • Responsive-Mobile
    Web Site
  • Player Statisics
  • Video Gallery
  • Photo Gallery
  • 1 Free Email Accounts
  • 1 Domain Name
  • $20 Month Maintenance
    * 10 updates/month
Premium Package


Initial Set Up
  • Responsive-Mobile
    Web Site
  • Player Statisics
  • Video Gallery
  • Photo Gallery
  • Social Media
  • Awards
  • Your Heros
  • Advanced Training Results
  • Product Discounts
  • Access to Sport Management World Wide
  • Discounted Sports Training
  • 1 Free Email Accounts
  • 1 Domain Name
  • $50 Month Maintenance
    * 30 updates/month

Contact Us

We are looking forward to hear from you

We always welcome parents to contact us to discuss how we can help offer student athletes a better opportunity to get noticed.

  • Address: 1354 Ester Drive, Burlington Ontario L7P1L3
  • Phone: +1 289 887 5195
  • Email: info@bethenextmvp.com